By:Christine Scioli

Welcome to The Routes to Roots, Napa & Sonoma website, introducing our newest documentary film, which attempts to answer this dicey question once and for all!

We’ve lived and worked in the gateway to California wine country for many years and we’ve asked many, many folks in the wine industry what they think for this movie.

The answers they provide may surprise you.

We’ve also included fun and informative trivia and facts for you to enjoy on these pages.

To celebrate this inaugural post in keeping with the theme of our show, I’ve had a friend set up a blind tasting for me, a Napa and Sonoma cabernet both from the Carneros AVA (American Viticultural Area), an AVA that extends into both regions.

It’s important that I really give this test my all, so I’ll keep on sipping as I write.

Wait. What was I writing about?

Which wine is better, that’s right.

If you try your own blind taste test you’ll quickly know the answer too.

Send me an email at chris@zanmedia.com and I’ll post your conclusions.

And please enjoy our film!

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